Alex Kremer


Alex Kremer

openAs a painter I explore the world and my experience of it. I create images through constant observation of what is the closest to me – home, family, friends – vis-à-vis the large cultural context in which I live. Everything around me – streets, landscapes, people – penetrates my work in movement and rhythm. My art has a primordial, naïve and unleashed force about it, as I seek to capture the pulse of life both consciously and unconsciously. My work maintains a dialogue with Neo-Expressionism and minimalism as well as with primitive archaic cultures.
I believe that essentially a painter works from a feeling of blindness and all the while strives very hard to observe and to grasp what is inside of him. He must feel and understand, accept and express close

Alex Kremer
(Tel-Aviv, 2013)

Alex Kremer

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  • Studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem (Israel)


  • Hermann Struck Award for Etchings, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem

Since 1992

  • Lives and works in Tel-Aviv (Israel)


  • Solo exhibition – Sara Conforty Gallery, Jaffa (Israel)


  • Solo exhibition – The Jerusalem Artists House


  • Solo exhibition – Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv


  • Group exhibition «Voice from Here & There: New Acquisitions in the Department of Prints and Drawings», The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Solo exhibition «A Walk», Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv


  • Group exhibitions «Prints from the Jim Dine & Cabri Workshop Project», The Israel Museum (Jerusalem) and Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


  • Group exhibitions «Traces I: Contemporary Drawings in Israel», The Artists House, The Print Workshop and Anna Ticho House, Jerusalem
  • Group exhibition (Young Artist Award from the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport) – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Solo exhibition «Alex Kremer», Galerie Walsch, Vienna (Austria)


  • Group exhibition «Focus on Painting», Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
  • Solo exhibition «Paintings, 1999-2001», Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv


  • Group exhibition «Young Israeli Art: The Jacques & Eugenie O’Hana Collection», Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


  • Group exhibitions «Traces II: Drawing / Poetry in Israel», The Artists House and The Print Workshop, Jerusalem
  • Solo exhibition «No Space», Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem


  • Group exhibition «Darchey Eretz – Earthways», Ashdod Art Museum (Monart Center), Israel
  • Solo exhibition «Shuffled Cards», Bineth Gallery, Tel-Aviv


  • Group exhibitions «Portfolios: From the Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri», The Israel Museum (Jerusalem) and Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


  • Solo exhibition & publication «Alex Kremer: Selected Works, 1996-2007», Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv
  • Group exhibition «Traces III: The 3rd Biennale for Drawings in Israel», The Jerusalem Artists House


  • Solo exhibition «Sky Play», Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv
  • Great solo exhibition & publication «Valley of Hinnom» with Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


  • Solo exhibition & performance «Pianist», Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv


  • Solo exhibition «At the End of the Day», Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv



openIn addition to the artistic influences, I am influenced by my current private life, my feelings about it and my energy level and state of healthclose

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